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i have 2groups of friends on WoW and one side is alliance and they are pretty serious regular gamer dudes who like to talk about the game

and the others are horde, mostly female, and get into crazy RP shenanigans all the time

and I always wonder what would happen if I got them all into a raid group


I’m up for it XD

Late night full of feels, and I know exactly why. It’s silly and selfish so I won’t go into detail, but guh! Shut up brain you know better. BETTER.

On the plus side, the local sushi place has improved their quality. I do not know how, because they were fucking awesome before, but gogo Adami!

<_< When I feel depressed I know it’s a slippery slope at times and lately, I take a sleeping pill to sleep it off. Perhaps not the best solution but hey, no emos ;D Just messed up dreams haha

Been feeling a good deal better the last while! Think this medication is working. I don’t get near the emotional lows anymore, nor the highs as much BUT that’s okay! Feeling much more balanced. Stronger sense of self-worth. I like this.

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