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Late night full of feels, and I know exactly why. It’s silly and selfish so I won’t go into detail, but guh! Shut up brain you know better. BETTER.

On the plus side, the local sushi place has improved their quality. I do not know how, because they were fucking awesome before, but gogo Adami!

<_< When I feel depressed I know it’s a slippery slope at times and lately, I take a sleeping pill to sleep it off. Perhaps not the best solution but hey, no emos ;D Just messed up dreams haha

Been feeling a good deal better the last while! Think this medication is working. I don’t get near the emotional lows anymore, nor the highs as much BUT that’s okay! Feeling much more balanced. Stronger sense of self-worth. I like this.

18 hours of work over the weekend - Not bad! Though I wish the trucks had shown up so I didn’t have to do ‘busy work’ heh. 

No big deal I guess, I get paid more this way. xD And now to crash out and get some rest… @_@ 2AM starts, blargh.

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